In 1951,

                                                   when Worcester Ding Car #831 was completed, only 19 more would ever be made.   Originally Manus' Diner in Concord, NH, it suffered a fire and was moved several times before finding its existing home on Union Avenue in Laconia NH.  The classic design trademarks that include solid construction and old-fashioned styling, which features oak and mahogany woodwork, intricate ceramic tile patterns, and a back bar of stainless steel was preserved.  An addition was completed in 1994, and The Paugus Diner took its place serving good, wholesome, classic food.

         Renamed Union Diner in June 2009, the authentic 1951 Worcester dining car and the attached dining room are filled with vintage 60's and 70’s music memorabilia. The Union Diner has a welcoming hometown feel where you can relax with old friends and enjoy one of our signature burgers with a beer or a family gathering place for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Union Diner